High Risk Latex Exam Gloves 10mil Size Extra Large
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High Risk Latex Exam Glove Size Extra Large Maximum protection, puncture resistance, durability, comfort, and fit At least 11" long for greater coverage than standard 9" latex examination gloves Polymer coated and ambidextrous Textured for secure grip in wet or dry Powder free to minimize skin irritation (2mg of residual powder per glove) Thickness & Color: 9.8mil - 10mil finger, 7.9mil palm (white)14.2mil - 15mil finger, 9.0mil palm (blue) Technical Specifications: Dynarex High-Risk Latex Examination Gloves are medical grade gloves that meet or exceed ASTM D3578 specifications and are NFPA 1999-2008 Certified. They are highly elastic; 700% elongation 9N before aging and 500% elongation 6N after aging. Protein content is 50ìg/dm2 or less.2310-2314: glove length 280mm (~11.0"),2315-2319: glove length 290mm (~11.4") CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Do not expose this product to any person known or suspected to be latex sensitive.

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High Risk Latex Exam Gloves 10mil Size Extra Large

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