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Clinical accuracy. Fast 90-second readout. Orthodontic nipple. Soothing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star lullaby fever alarm. Memory recall of last reading. Waterproof. For children five years or younger. Detailed Instructions: English, Spanish. The tender way to take your child's temperature. Soothing: Familiar pacifier-style thermometer calms child. Orthodontic nipple recommended by most pediatricians. Non-invasive means of taking a baby's temperature - a great alternative to rectal thermometers. A tender musical lullaby indicates temperatures above 99.9 degrees F. Effortless: Monitors the child's temperature approximately every five minutes for up to 25 minutes. Automatic shut-off after approximately 25 minutes. Accurate temperature reading in approximately 90 seconds on average. Memory recall of last temperature reading. Durable: Conforms to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's pacifier requirements 16CFR part 1511. One-piece construction of non-toxic materials. Impact resistant. Storage cover keeps pacifier nipple clean and protects nipple from damage.

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