February 2nd Trauma Class
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Trauma Class

Feb 2nd 2019

9am - 6pm

Wheaton Arms, Inc.
133 Kiowa Ln.
Piedmont, SC 29673 

 I will provide coffee in the morning and I will also provide pizza
and drinks for lunch.

You are going to get hands on training for minor to major trauma injuries.

Equipment List:
1) Your current Trauma Kit (So we can review it)
2) pen and paper to take notes
3) clothes that you don't mind getting dirty 

No kids are allowed in the class.


I will have kits and supplies for you to purchase if you need supplies. I will provide all the supplies needed for training during the class. 


Best Western
70 Kalyns Way, Piedmont, SC 29673 

Comfort Suites
10 Kalyns Way, Piedmont, SC 29673

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 
3004 SC-153, Piedmont, SC 29673

Greenville Spartanburg Airport 

** $125 class is NON-REFUNDABLE **
You can receive a $125 credit if you are unable to attend after signing up.

Reviews from past students:

The class was offered by Medical Gear Outfitters, a company started by 
the YouTube personality "Skinny Medic", aka Dietrich E. (I'm not sure 
how much he wants his full name circulated, so I'll limit it to his last 
initial). Wheaton Arms graciously allowed us to use their store/offices 
as the classroom and if you're ever in need of some custom work or 
transfers in the Greenville/Piedmont SC area, I heartily recommend them.

Class was posted to start at 9 and end at 6, with a break for lunch. 
Dietrich reserved seats for the class at a local restaurant so when it 
was time for lunch we went as a group...I'm glad he did this as it 
helped build camaraderie and cement budding friendships. We started at 9 
and were told up front that even though the class was posted to end at 
6, that we could go as late as 9 if needed.

Dietrich started with a lecture that lasted a little more than three 
hours. First up, he covered who he was, what he's done, and why he is 
qualified to teach the class. A Paramedic for 13 years with one most 
active systems in the state, he's semi-retired from that line of work 
and now focuses on teaching and his online business. He's certified to 
teach ACCT, PALS, ECS, PHLS, T-CCC, and EMT (If the abbreviations are 
wrong, it's my fault...my notes were written quickly).

After the introductions, we discussed our trauma kits. He made several 
suggestions regarding the kits:
1. All should use the same kit and bag and be in the same location.
2. They should be clearly marked as a first aid/trauma kit (cross 
patch, words, etc.)
3. Personal information should be in the kit (blood type, allergies, 
emergency contact info, etc.), preferably on a laminated card.
4. No clear gloves. Use actual medical gloves of at least medium 
5. Buy legit products from known vendors. At least one person in class 
had a knockoff CAT-T, and we saw how the cheap knockoffs will easily 
fail when used.

After lunch there was some more time spent on lectures, but then we 
moved to the actual demonstrations and hand's on training. During the 
lecture we had seen the various items demonstrated (tourniquets, Halo 
harness, bandages, etc.), but now we got to actually do it ourselves. 
Some things we practiced on ourselves or another student, others we used 
a practice dummy or prop. The afternoon session really solidified and 
cemented what we'd been taught during the course of the morning. We 
used two special props to practice wound packing; both simulated deep 
wounds to an artery (the blood was represented by water) and we had to 
use gauze to pack the wound and stop the flow. I never realized how 
much gauze you could push into a wound...

We also did scenarios were we were told what we saw on the "patient" and 
then had to assess the situation and come up with the proper solution. 
Just like simuntions training gives you a new perspective on shooting, 
so too did this scenario based training do for trauma first aid.

Class ended about 6:30 and no one complained that it went late.

My takeaway:

This was, simply put, an incredibly outstanding class. Dietrich (and 
his helper, Logan) was extremely knowledgeable and had the answers to 
the questions that were asked. He explained things in a way that was 
easy to understand and more importantly, retain. It's one thing to give 
a lecture; just about anyone can get up and regurgitate memorized 
information, but it is something completely different to be able to 
teach the material and have the students retain it. Dietrich is firmly 
in the 'teacher' category and I wouldn't hesitate to take his class 
again or, as I'm doing now, recommend it.

The class was very affordable; $100 for a one day presentation. He's 
working on a two day class that will be $200 that will cover the one day 
class and additional material...and more scenario based training.

If you can take this class, I urge you to do so. The focus wasn't 
solely on gunshot wounds, but wounds of all types and severity that you 
might encounter, and I'm glad for that. Most of what I'm likely to 
encounter in my day to day live will be wounds other than gunshots.

My final comment is this: I didn't expect to come out a trained 
paramedic or combat corpsman. What I expected was to learn how to use 
the tools in my kit, when, and why. I learned that, but I also came 
away with something just as valuable, perhaps more so; I came away with 
confidence that if I had to use those skills and tools that I could. 
That alone was worth far more than the price of admission. 



This class is awesome. I searched for years for an advanced first aid class only to find I would be required to spend thousands of dollars and months of my time. The only programs offered were for certificated courses. This class offers advanced techniques and information that you won't find anywhere else. Our group had hosted EMS personnel for advanced first aid and were always told to just call 911. Now that information is available at a very reasonable price. Even when you include travel expenses and hotel costs, this class is a bargain!

If you are young, about to graduate high school or have graduated, and are undecided if EMS is something you may want to make a career - invest in this class. Even if you decide its not a career you would be interested in, you will still have the training in the event of an emergency.


I attended the first class in January . I After seeing the quality of trauma education for the price paid I knew I wanted others in my family to benefit I took my oldest granddaughter to the May 6th class and I once again attended with her. Good recap of information for me but all the better for granddaughter. She's thinking of a career in the medical field . This class opened her eyes and helped her greatly as well as having another member of the family trained . My wife does not handle anything to do with medical well at all . I hope to have her attending a class soon . May take a few shopping trips to pave the way but more than well worth it ! If you shoot a weapon , drive a car or use any tool ,kitchen or shop that can hurt you you need this training ! NEVER too young or old to start ! Thank you Skinny Medic for seeing the need for this class and offering it to us. Jim, Greenville S.C.


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February 2nd Trauma Class

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