Sting and Bite Pads  (Qty 10)
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Dynarex Sting and Bite Pads are the perfect size to accomplish the task at hand. These handy little 2-5 x 1-5 individually packaged sting and bite pads are pefectly convenient for easy portability- Dynarex Sting and Bite Pads are gentle and nonstinging- They provide instant relief from irritating insect stings and bites- Easy to carry along in purse, satchel, wallet or bookbag- Take Dynarex Sting and Bite pads along on your next family outing or picnic- Liquid products packaged in economical ampule form offering significant savings- Precise measure for uniformity- Hermetically sealed- Unit dose- Increased storage shelf life- Effective delivery system. Qty 10 ** Free Shipping **

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Sting and Bite Pads (Qty 10)

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